All of Beck Studios' space was planned with a focus on quality and comfort. Today, besides three studios
prepared with the best in technology and acoustics, the complex also offers a bar, a meeting room and
production offices.

Studio A

"The lighting was meant to form an atmosphere for the artist. What seems small, influences the
spirit. Here, we make art and art is energy.""

The main recording room of BS has its project signed by the architect Celso Junto, from Drum Ac├║stica.
Each part of the studio was treated in a singular way, so that the best sound result could be reached.
Without leaving the esthetics aside.

The installation of diffusers and bass-traps in the corners and on the ceiling of the studio was crucial for
this result. These resources make sure that certain frequencies remain controlled in specific parts of the
room, which makes the sound capture easier.


The selection of the equipments was made according to the opinion of sound engineers and musicians.
Today, rarities like a 2-inch analog machine Otari MX80 and high-tech equipments, such as the most
modern version of Pro Tools HD3, work in perfect harmony.

The console used is a 24-channel Sony DMX-R100. Besides that, a set of microphones consisting of
some of the exponents in the area, like the Neumann M149 and the AKG C414 BTL2. In order to
microphone the drums, Sennheiser, AKG and Neumann microphones are used.

Studio B

"The concern was not only to build a technologically advanced place, but also a place that would
please every taste.""

Studio B is on the second floor at Beck Studios. This is the ideal studio for short recordings, pre-productions,
advertising productions or more specific works, such as narrations, dubbing and sound design.


The recording system consists of a Pro Tools HD.

Studio C

The newest studio, built to attend the increasing dubbing demand.

Studio Mix

In the Studio Mix, we use a Pro Tools HD3 system for mixing 5.1 audio. The monitoring is made with
Hafler TRM8 speakers, Apogee converter and an 80-inch projection screen, for any kind of mixing, 2.0
or 5.1, from DVDs to movies, documentaries or dubbing.